People & Culture

We come from different places with different experiences and have built a space where anyone can belong. As a team, we are united in our common goal to create delightful and resourceful experiences to our users that is unlike anything they’ve had before. But - we not only want to empower our users but our team as well.

To do that, we’ve built a culture that is fueled by diversity, shared knowledge and most importantly - creativity. Creativity is valued highly at Elves as it permeates everything - from problem-solving to product development, from design to distribution. Our most valuable asset is our team and our passion drives us to learn, build, grow and share.
Tech & Empathy - building a machine that cares 😍

With AI, we’ve created a world where knowledge and value can be shared - anytime, anywhere - but without compromising on the human element. With empathy as our core value, we listen and learn to fully understand the needs of our users enabling us to provide valuable assistance, personalized to them with great utility - faster & consistently.

This is what sets us apart as Elves

The team

Karim Elsahy
Founder, CEO
Abeer Elsisi
Co-founder, COO
Salem Korayem
Sylvia Schoonderbeek
VP - Growth
Hussein Ghanem
Chief of Staff

Backed by

Trend Forward
Kuffman Fellows
Sawari Ventures
Dubai Angels

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