Time to myself

"I always feared traveling alone..."


I always feared traveling alone, never been the independent type really. Actually it wasn't until after my separation (a relationship of 17 years) that I decided to give it a try - amongst a list of other things that I was eager to do on my own.

My first solo trip was to El Gouna, a resort town on the Red Sea in Egypt. Just a half hour away from Hurghada or a 450km drive from Cairo, this serene town is known for sun & sand, an enjoyable nightlife and exceptional gastronomy. 

It was only two weeks before New Years, which made it really challenging to find accommodation there. Luckily, a French woman who owned a house there decided to rent out three rooms, B&B style. Two other women were also staying there and while the three of us had never ever met before, getting to know these two fine young ladies was a fun experience on its own! One lived in Paris and the other in London which opened to interesting and charming conversations around our morning espresso. 

Each day,  I'd spend my morning in the sun on one of the private beaches of Gouna, smoked “Shisha”, otherwise known as a hookah or water-pipe, on the sand at sunset, followed by a mini siesta before heading out to party. 

The last three days of the year were spent partying, meeting lots of cool people and overall just letting go and having a blast. It had been a while since I felt this appetite for life and it motivated me to look forward to a new year, a fresh start. 

One of my favorite activities in Gouna is spending the day out at sea on a yacht. Several nearby spots and islands (like Bayoud and Tawila), accessible by boat , just elevate your day to another level. You’re surrounded with clear turquoise water as far as the eye can see.

Needless to say, this trip blew my mind. It broke my fear of being alone, I was challenged to get out of my comfort, put myself out there and interact with people, enjoying my own time and pace. 

Everything went easy and smooth, which encouraged me to think of it as a success, a solo traveling experience with many more to come. 

Dr. Nancy El Meniawy

Nancy is a 48-year old Egyptian Dentist. She’s a free spirited, life loving soul and mom of two beautiful girls. 

While she loves being a Dentist, she also has an ambitious drive to venture into different industries and freelances as a Business Development Consultant.

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